“There is no such thing as bad publicity … only bad timing.” 



This is a simple guarantee for your investment in media-related activities with Imprint Media. We guarantee that we will generate a minimum of eight times your investment in media exposure.

We calculate return on investment by an industry standard method - three times the equivalent advertising cost, based on the published "casual" advertising rate for the space.

Everyone knows that editorial copy has greater value than equivalent advertising space. You buy and read a magazine or newspaper and watch television for the editorial content, not for the ads that break up your reading.

Editorial content has credibility.

So we guarantee that, for every dollar you invest with Imprint Media, you will receive $8 in calculated editorial exposure over a maximum three-month period after your story has been distributed.

What happens in the unlikely event that the media does not publish your story at the eight-times rate? We will continue to work for you for FREE until your return has been achieved.