“How can you accomplish anything unless people
know what you are trying to do?”


Marketing consultancy

We've all heard "build a better mousetrap . . ." Not true. There are thousands of better mousetraps that no one ever heard about and therefore didn't consider buying. They never made it to the shop shelves. The inventors simply didn't tell us all about them.

So that's our role. Find out who might be in the market for a mousetrap, contact them and explain why our mousetrap is better than any other they might be considering.

It might be a better price, a safer trap, a cleaner trap, a more effective trap.

Our job is to find out what the potential buyers want in a mousetrap and then provide enough information for them to seek out our new - or improved - mousetrap.

Oh, and we market a lot more than mousetraps! Check our client list.