“How can you accomplish anything unless people
know what you are trying to do?”


Media Relations

Making your news relevant to the media is vital to your success.

That is why, at Imprint Media, our consultants are all trained journalists, not communications graduates. We've all been at the news desk, worked to the deadlines and filtered the good from the bad stories.

Media Relations include:

  • Media release development and distribution
  • Feature articles

Well presented news and interesting feature articles, along with strong relationships with key media, differentiate our approach and our results.

We help you identify target media that will reach your customers and prospects, and then we develop stories that those people want to read or hear.

By talking to your key media regularly, we know what they plan to cover and how to work best with individual personalities and styles.

Staying in touch with the media is critical to quality results. At Imprint Media, we talk with journalists every day, we know what they require and we know how to handle inquiry. We can also assist our clients to maintain a quality relationship with the media, aware of the pitfalls and opportunities that go with ongoing contact.

Never, for example, say “no comment”.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Imprint Media is judged by results. Not simply the centimetres and pages of media coverage we generate but, more important, the longer-term progress in your relationships with the media.