“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”


The way an organisation communicates with its market sets the tone for the relationship it will have with its customers.

For Apple, it is challenging the status quo - at least until recently. For our client Power Tynan it is trust. For Elandra Yachts it is creating the most beautiful motor yacht that a small group of craftsmen can make.

You might want to listen here to Simon Sinek talking about what sets great organisations and people apart.

Communicating is not simply crafting a great message for your market. It must also match your internal process. If a company’s internal communications are not clear, it will struggle to communicate accurately and effectively with the outside world.

A primary example of this disconnect is explained by client Libby Sander in her conversation about a company's "toast policy".

As well as promoting your business to the outside world, Imprint Media can assist with your internal communications, from helping to develop regular briefings for staff at all levels to production of internal newsletters, videos and events.

Boat shows, a time to dream.