“Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”

Stop talking about yourself

Seems an odd statement for marketing.But it's true. Your customers don't want to know about how good you are. They want to know what your products and services will do for them. So talk about their needs in a way they want to hear.

Think about Apple. They don't talk about what great computers they make. They say they work to help make your life easier. Or put "a thousand songs in your pocket".

Marketing is a vital investment for every business. It ought to lay the foundation for sales by reaching out to your customers and prospects. And the most powerful way to engage people is to tell stories. Every business has a multitude of stories. Told well, they engage and explain both the features and benefits of your products and services without the confrontational approach of traditional advertising.

  • We helped a local software company re-brand and boost sales in south-east Asia by $1 million in 12 months.

  • We tripled media coverage for luxury boat builder Riviera in two years, without increasing the PR budget.

  • We helped a company go from zero to a major player in his industry in just three years.

  • We helped another client launch a book. It sold out in three months.

How do we do it?

Each business had a great story to tell. We simply identified it and crafted it and then exploited it. Sometimes by making it a feature on their Web site, sometimes in advertising, sometimes by giving it to the right media outlets.

Developing and telling great stories is what we love doing. People read stories. That's what helps sell more books, more boats, more software. . . more anything.

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